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David Thornton

David Thornton

David has been playing the guitar for 33 years!  23 of those years-he has dedicated his knowledge and passion for playing to teaching those with the same desire. 

He went on to study music at Sinclair and has a TON of career accomplishments! He gives his students a fun and relaxing atmosphere, while providing the necessary steps it takes to achieve their musical goals!

Not only will he build the confidence of his students but he also teaches them theory, technique and scale progression. His mission is to educate musicians of all ages and skill levels to ensure the future of rock and roll.

When he's not teaching, you can be sure to find him out playing! And if he's not playing... he's at home with his cats!


Matt Lester

Matt has been playing drums for over 40 years!


From an early age, Matt was amazed with the one and only, KEITH MOON! He studied Keith's playing to become a master of his craft. Matt is able to demonstrate to his students how important the drums are as the true heartbeat of a band!  

Matt is also an accomplished guitarist and offers lessons and instruction in guitar and bass as well!

When Matt isn't teaching he's usually on stage performing. Most recently as guitarist and safety manager for The Psychedelic String Band. 

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