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Record Store Day!

Saturday April 13, 2019- RECORD STORE DAY

We're opening up early, set your alarm!


9 am- Coffee AND donuts.

We'll have special swag for the early birds! 

12 pm- BEER. 

That's right! Beer tasting!

Proceeds will go to benefit Middletown's own Broad Street Bash!

Things you should know 

We are  a pledge signed store.

There are certain rules we have to follow for RSD.

NO titles can be held.

Only 1 of each title per person, for example, you are not able to buy 5 copies of one album.

We don't know what releases we will receive, until we get them! 

If you call and ask, we won't be able to tell you, so just come see us on RSD!

The pledge is the real deal and we have to honor it.

There's a really cool RSD checklist you can print off of their website to take shopping with you! Check it out at

We're official. We're serious. We'll have all the goodies. 

Keep checking back as we'll update the details! 


Stop in to Lester's Rock-n-Roll Shop and check out our EXCELLENT vinyl selections!

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